A complete renovation is capable of addressing the inefficiencies of a house, both programmatically and mechanically. The flexibility generated by such a process allows a comprehensive update meeting building and environmental standards.

Investing in an addition can considerably enhance a home by providing some much needed space. An addition is an easy and inexpensive method to extending a kitchen, adding a bathroom or even building a second story.

The kitchen is the primary room to be renovated, no surprise considering the regard for being the core of the home. The existing kitchen may be small, poorly laid out, inefficient, outdated, and in dire need of cabinet repairs. Re-design and implementation is a common process resulting in improved functionality.

Re-creating a bathroom can add value to a home; both in re-sale and daily living. Bathroom projects require careful inspection before starting; addressing problems and limitations early will ensure a successful renovation.

A finished basement allows for an extension of living space without any major structural changes. Simple as framing and applying finishing’s to more complex endeavors involving underpinning, bench footings, and walk out stairs. Extensive alterations result in comfortable environments comparable to the rest of house.

Maintaining and updating the building envelope in compliance to modern construction standards is an important procedure to every home. Involving the incorporation and integration of many services, ranging from exterior cladding, roofing, foundation repairs, to windows & doors.

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